Looking to Enter the Hard Seltzer World?

Omega Yeast Launches Proprietary Yeast Nutrient For Brewers Looking to Explore Hard Seltzers

Omega Yeast®, known for custom propped liquid yeast pitches, announces the November release of Propper Seltzer, a yeast nutrient for non-malt sugar-based fermentation. Propper Seltzer nutrient is compatible with any strain of yeast including beer yeast, champagne yeast, and distillers yeast, and was created to make things easier for brewers looking to create their own hard seltzer.

"We set out to specifically formulate a blend for hard seltzer that allows our yeast to really be successful," according to Laura Burns, PhD, Director of Research and Development for Omega Yeast.

Hard seltzer fermentation differs from standard beer brewing because solely using sugars, such as dextrose, do not contain the essential nutrients that malt naturally does. So, in order to propel thorough fermentation, the yeast needs precise measurements of specific elements and nutrients. This led Omega Yeast’s R&D crew to collect data and put together the proprietary nutrient blend that allows brewers to brew a hard seltzer with just a single dose. 

"Hard seltzer is here to stay. Now let's make it craft," said Burns.

Although you can use any yeast strain, Propper Seltzer is particularly speedy with kveiks because of how quickly kveik strains ferment. Norwegian kveik yeast was first made commercially available to U.S. brewers by Omega Yeast in 2017. Kveiks are known for their versatile fermentation temperature threshold, allowing brewers to ferment anywhere between 65-95°F while still producing unique flavors. Omega partnered up with Stephen Bossu, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Hopewell Brewing Co., for a commercial test run which paired Propper Seltzer with Omega’s exclusive Lutra Kveik, which is known for its very clean flavor profile. 

"Part of the reason we're working with Omega and specifically this Lutra™ Kveik strain is that it's a super-quick, super-clean fermenter so that we know that we're not going to be tying up extra tank space which allows us to continue brewing our year-round IPA and year-round pilsner," mentioned Bossu. “Seltzers for us are just another avenue to play around with some of those fruits that we find interesting and just have a great presentation, and this Propper Seltzer allows us to do that.”

Propper Seltzer is now available in multiple sizes for both probrewers and homebrewers. Homebrewers can order through the brand’s online shop, local homebrew shops, or online retailers. Professional brewers can order directly from Omega Yeast. 

Propper Seltzer nutrient blend will begin shipping the week of November 16th.