Concentrated Canned Wort Makes Brewing Easier for Homebrewers

Chicago, Illinois – November, 2018: Omega Yeast, a leading supplier of innovative and rare yeast strains for craft beer brewers, has released a new product for the homebrew community, making the brewing process easier for high quality craft brews. Propper Starter is a 16oz can of concentrated wort that allows a brewer to significantly decrease the amount of time spent preparing a starter so they can begin brewing more quickly.

A starter is often used and needed in the brewing process to increase the quality of the brew, particularly when preparing high gravity beers and cold-pitched lagers. Starters are also used to increase the biomass and vitality of yeast with low cell counts or yeast packs that are nearing expiration.

“We were seeing homebrewers skip the step of making a starter because the process was very time-consuming and intimidating,” said founder and owner Mark Schwarz. “But it’s an important function in brewing because it creates an environment for the yeast to become metabolically stronger, which leads to better fermentation and therefore better beer. So now with Propper Starter, brewers can take their beers to the next level.”  

Propper Starter can be purchased by the case (24 x 16oz cans) online at as well as at select Homebrew shops and online retailers. Local shops interested in adding Propper Starter to their product list should contact the Propper Starter team at for distributor contact information.

About Omega Yeast: Omega Yeast grows high quality, ready-to-pitch liquid yeast for brewers. They believe the best yeast is the freshest yeast and are constantly in pursuit of innovation offering homebrewers unique varieties that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether it’s their renowned Lacto Blend, different Brett blends, proprietary hybrids, or new Lithuanian and Norwegian strains, Omega Yeast's proprietary propagation method generates metabolically strong yeast cells, with consistent fermentation and optimized cell counts.