Propper Seltzer FAQ

What's the suggested dose for different volumes? 

Our packaging formats are sufficient for 15 bbl (2.55 kg), 7 bbl (1.19 kg), and 5 gal (28 g) hard seltzer fermentations with a starting gravity up to 15°P/brix.

How/when do you add the nutrient? 

Measure your dose according to the desired target starting gravity and volume, then add it to the kettle at the end of boil prior to transferring to the whirlpool to ensure adequate mixing. 

What kind of yeast strains can I use?

Propper Seltzer™ supports your favorite Omega Yeast strain and many other industrial yeast (ie. champagne, distilling) in hard seltzer fermentations. We suggest pairing Propper Seltzer with Omega Yeast Kveik strains for consistent and rapid hard seltzer fermentations. For fastest and cleanest results, try it with Omega Yeast's Lutra™ Kveik. 

If one wanted to do a higher ABV seltzer, would you have to use more nutrient? If so, how much? 

If starting gravity is >15°P, this same dose is sufficient for 4.6 bbl (1.19 kg) and 3.3 gal (28 g), or we suggest increasing the dose to 1.5 packs to supply the higher nutrient levels required for these high ABV seltzers (>9% abv).

Does the nutrient have any effects on flavor or color?

We carefully designed Propper Seltzer to minimally impact both flavor and color. Follow the recommended dosing to product crystal clear and clean hard seltzers.

How long does a yeast nutrient last? 

Propper Seltzer has a long lasting shelf life (2 years from date on package). We recommend resealing after opening to prevent moisture from entering the remaining nutrient. 

Does the nutrient need to be used if fermenting with fruit?

Yes, if making hard seltzers with fruit additions you will still need to add nutrient to fuel a successful fermentation.

What are the ingredients?

The formulation includes organic and inorganic nitrogen as well as key minerals and vitamins required to support non-malt fermentations. 

Can I repitch from a hard seltzer?

Our suggestions for repitching the yeast slurry for a hard seltzer: Only harvest from optimized fermentations (consistent, fast tracking, healthy and >90% viable yeast) / Harvest yeast as soon as fermentation is complete / Propper Seltzer nutrient does not provide zinc and we suggest the addition of servomyces if re-pitching yeast for several generations/ Avoid reusing yeast from high ABV seltzers/ Slowly transfer yeast from the cone to avoid pulling hard seltzer through the yeast cake and harvest over a couple of hours to allow settling. 

How do I make the cleanest base?

For the cleanest base seltzer, ferment with Omega Yeast's Lutra Kveik. 

How long will it take to ferment a hard seltzer? 

Depending on yeast selection and fermentation temperature, fermentation can take anywhere between 2-14 days. For fastest results, ferment with Omega Yeast's kveik strains at high temps (80-96°).

Do I stagger the nutrient addition?

One dose of nutrient on the hot side is sufficient for most fermentations!

Do I need to make a yeast starter?

If your homebrew pack is older than 3 months, we always suggest making a starter to fuel vigorous fermentation.

Will this nutrient work for mead, cider, hard kombucha or other non-malt fermentations? 

Yes- our trials have shown success as well in other non-malt fermentations. 

Is this nutrient only for beer yeast?

Propper Seltzer pairs well with any of your favorite Omega Yeast strains, but can also be used with other industrial yeast strains (ie. wine, distilling).

How do I know when my hard seltzer is finished?

Full attenuation (little to no residual sugars) can be expected when using Omega Yeast Kveik strains. When the gravity is stable, add flavor and re-ferment added sugars. Crash, clarify and carb as you do with your beers and enjoy!